Ministries Perfecting Character

Mighty Men of Valor

helps to develop men with the same values and strong character, to become examples for young men and pillars in the body of Christ.

Ladies of Life

equips women how to be profitable (useful) to God, prepared (fit), and ready for any good work.

P.A.I.R.S. Marriage Ministry

helps develops a marriage where God can refresh, restore, and reestablish the art of love in the Garden; unity between man and woman

Kids (PreK3 - Elementary)

Positively influences curious minds so they can experience spiritual growth in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, leading them to develop into a beacon of light and hope for others in their generation. Kids experience interactive bible stories and hands-on activities as they learn to understand the Bible and worship God at their level.

Singles Ministry

this ministry helps embrace the life and challenges of singleness

Men of Standard

To disciple young men ages 20-30 into their God-given purpose, while identifying and developing their gifts, talents, abilities, and purpose!

Vessels of Honor

Preparing and empowering young women ages 18-30 to be and to know their identity in Christ.

Teens (Middle & High School)

Is designed to help teens develop a personal relationship with Christ & discover their purpose in the Kingdom. Teens experience sound biblical teaching and interactive discussions while also learning how to boldly share the gospel with others. We help our teens know that although they live in a world of corruption, immorality, and confusion-it’s possible to experience a life that is pure, holy, and true- a Robert Gordon in Christ!

Ministries Perfecting Others

Evangelism C.R.E.W.

they are the core to “reconciling the lost back to Christ” The C.R.E.W. (Christians Restoring Evangelistic Work) ministry reaches the community by evangelizing door to door, community outreach events, and hosting revivals.

Care Pantry

a ministry dedicated to meeting the immediate needs of the community. Our Care Pantry has everything from canned goods to frozen meats, as well as toiletries other life essentials.

Excellence Ministry Team

consolidation of various groups of born-again, spirit-filled individuals, forming a nucleus surrounding the Pastor and his assistants to aid them in meeting the operational demand of the Ministry and the spiritual needs of the people who participate in the worship, study, and social activities of NLMWOC

Outreach Ministry

a ministry that are doers of the Word by supplying food, clothing, and toiletries to those facing hardship. Reaching out to families in the community through Partners in Education elementary schools in our community.

Ministries Perfecting Talents

Music Ministry

bring people into praise and worship of the Father, through anointed music. Hearts are prepared to be rich soil for the Word of God to take root and grow.

Media Ministry

responsible for the audio, visual and production of the ministry products

Dance Ministry

expresses their relationship to God through the vehicle of dance. They are redefining the art of dance to the glory of God.

Life News

a ministry of the church to inform the saints of what is happening in “Robert Gordon Ministries”